Connect with your audiences during
lockdown and live stream your events...

Contact us to schedule a time to allow you to look over the booking process and discuss how we can make the system work for you. We know everyone is different and we can make any modifications to suit your project.

Set times and dates for your live streams and make sure that your have the correct measures in place to be able to host the event. This includes ensuring all participants are able to social distance if necessary and finding a way to set up a camera so your audience can watch the event.

Once you have given us the details, we can put it all together and embed the video stream on to your website. Then your good to go! We will check in regularly to make sure that everything is running smoothly.

Stream live or pre-recorded events directly within your own website or ours if you don’t have one. The technology lets you easily generate a profit from you video content whilst allowing you to connect with audiences anywhere in the world. Video streaming events empowers organizations to adapt, create, and promote and do so intelligently, securely, and immediately. Sell an unlimited number of seats to your live show, performed from home or at your venue. Find out more by booking a free demo!


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